Tirane, shes pajisje UPS TRIPP Lite 1500 VA 13 priza

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OMNIVSINT1500XL Uninterruptible Power Supply offers voltage regulation, surge suppression and long lasting battery support
Supports entry level PCs up to 75 minutes during blackouts to enable shutdown without data loss, runtime is further expandable by connecting an external battery pack
Regulates brownouts as low as 151 and overvoltages to 282V back to usable 230V nominal levels without using battery power
8 IEC320 C13 outlets with complete AC surge suppression
C14 inlet accepts user-supplied AC power cord with country-specific plug
USB port and cable enables unattended shutdown in the case of extended power failure
PowerAlert software available via free download from www.tripplite.com
Dataline surge suppression protects standard dialup/DSL or Ethernet line connection
Audible alarm and 4 front panel LEDs offer complete UPS and line power status information
1500VA power handling ability supports a variety of sensitive electronic equipment
4.5 minutes full load runtime(1500VA), 13 minutes half load runtime(750VA)
Runtime is further expandable with the addition of external battery packs
Supports hot swappable battery replacement via built-in access panel
Optional PDUBHV10 bypass PDU enables hot-swappable UPS replacement with no disruption to connected equipment
Attractive full color retail packaging

Cel. : 0686053598

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