Shitet Urei soundcraft 1603 mixer

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Kategoria CD, DVD, VHS Musik, Filma / Pllaka Gramafone

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4 Full-function stereo channels
Each has inputs selectable from Mic, Phono and Line connections;
Phono inputs are switchable to become Line level, individually;
Mic insert on channel 1 for ease of connecting external processing;
Rotatable rear panel allows connectors to be located on the rear or underneath of the console (for best cable access);
External mute function mutes all channels except mic channel 1 to allow PA announcements but mutes music;

3-band EQ on Channel 1 (Mic) +/-12dB;
3-band ISOLATOR EQ on channels 2-7, isolating from full cut to +6dB;
1 Aux send per channel: - Channel sends switchable pre/post fader individually; Aux Return conveniently located on top panel and can be assigned to crossfader;
Comprehensive CUE/Monitoring system, - Aux Send can be CUE'd to headphones, Aux Return can be CUE'd to headphones

VCA-based crossfader reduces fader noise and allows fully variable control curves for total control of crossfade mixing style

Headphone output on ¼" and Mini-jack connectors

EQ on headphone output

Booth and Master Outputs on XLR, balanced and RCA, unbalanced

Comprehensive booth controls - EQ, mute function and L/R/stereo output selector

Separate master mono output

High Pass filter on Master and booth outputs eliminates stage or turntable rumble

Balance control on Master output

Master and booth Output Mono switching

Dj Mic (channel 1 only) to booth output defeat switch

Tri-colour LED shows Signal/Beat/Peak metering

Split Cue Headphone switch

Flip function switches Cue and Mix in headphones (L and R)

10-segment Blue/White/Red LED output metering, which can read Left/Right or Split Cue/Mix

Integral rack ears for easy desktop/rack mounting

Individual channel gain structure controls (boost - +14db or reduce -10db)

Master output attenuator pads (engineer only -10 db and -20db)

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